Welcome to Simone Ashley Source (previously Captivating Simone Ashley), your first and best source for actress Simone Ashley. Simone is most known for her work as Olivia in Netflix's Sex Education along with headlining the second season of Netflix's wildly popular series Bridgerton as Kate Sharma. Our site aims to bring you the latest news on Simone's career along with providing a comprehensive gallery of her work and appearances. We hope you enjoy the site and come back soon! b

Simone Ashley attends Cabaret at the KitKat Club, passes the Bridgerton Torch to Nicola Coughlan, promotes her new movie 10 Lives, celebrates her birthday + more in updates!

{ Written by G on April 04 2024 }

Another few weeks packed full of Simone content!

Didn’t think we’d be writing of another Bridgerton update so soon after the last one, but we are being spoiled!

The day after our last post on March 25th, we got the Bridgerton S2 bloopers and we were then FURTHER spoiled by being given a promotional Kanthony snippet from season 3

March 26th came the video of Simone Ashley graciously passing along the Bridgerton leading lady torch to Nicola Coughlan, whilst answering some questions about her time filming Season 2 – and to top it off we were also treated to new pictures of Simone before the Valentino FW show from the photographer.

Two days later on the 28th Simone attended a press night for Cabaret at the KitKat Club – Simone did not take any portraits inside, so it is assumed she was attending in a personal capacity rather than professional.

On the 30th Simone celebrated her 29th birthday! She was quiet on the day BUT she shared some wonderful photographs afterward.

And as April started, we’ve been treated to small videos of Simone to promote 10 Lives! The videos have also solved the mystery of why Simone was wearing the famous green dress in pictures posted by her glam squad last year! The movie releases tomorrow, 5th April.


Pictures and screencaps from the above mentioned have been added to the gallery, check out the links below!

Other misc additions to the gallery include
– promotional material for 10 lives including posters and concept art
– a new still from Sex Education where Simone can be seen in the background
– a newly shared promo image of Simone and Julia Garner for Nespresso

Simone Participates in Stella McCartney’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with Sex Education Cast

{ Written by Sarah on October 15 2021 }

‘Sex Education’ Season 3 Poster, Promotional Photo, & Screencaps

{ Written by Sarah on September 18 2021 }

‘Sex Education’ Season 3 Official Trailer

{ Written by Sarah on September 07 2021 }

New ‘Sex Education’ Teaser for Season 3

{ Written by Sarah on July 19 2021 }

Captivating Simone Ashley Grand Opening

{ Written by Sarah on July 05 2021 }

Welcome to Captivating Simone Ashley, your newest and largest source for up and coming actress Simone Ashley. I hope you all enjoy the site and stick around for future updates. Currently, our site has almost 3k pictures and screencaps of Simone and will continue growing as her career does. I want to give a huge shout out to TheOtherMissBridgerton over on tumblr who has done so much work in tracking down many of Simone’s modeling photos, and without whom, we likely wouldn’t have as many pretty things to look at.

In other exciting news, season 3 of Sex Education will be premiering on September 17, 2021.

Obstacles – Simone Ashley

{ Written by Sarah on July 04 2021 }

Roxy talks to actress Simone Ashley about her upbringing, life, and acting career. Simone can be currently seen as Olivia in ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix.

Published March 21, 2019

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