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Simone for Vogue India

{ Written by Sarah on May 19 2024 }

Simone Ashley for British Vogue

{ Written by Sarah on February 15 2024 }

Sundance Film Festival Day 2 Roundup

{ Written by Sarah on January 21 2024 }

Video Interviews

10 Lives Clip

Sundance Film Festival Day 1 Roundup

{ Written by Sarah on January 20 2024 }

Simone is currently promoting her animated film 10 Lives at Sundance Film Festival. Here’s a roundup of day one.

Cannes 2023 Round Up Part 2

{ Written by Sarah on May 24 2023 }

New York Times Upgrades + Addition

{ Written by Sarah on December 26 2022 }

Hello, everyone! G and I decided as a special holiday treat that we would share upgraded photos from Simone’s New York Times photoshoot along with one additional photo from it. Enjoy! And we hope you all had a great holiday and have a very happy New Year.

Simone Covers British Vogue

{ Written by Sarah on November 15 2022 }

Simone for JCrew

{ Written by Sarah on September 28 2022 }

Photoshoot Upgrades + Additions

{ Written by Sarah on August 30 2022 }

Simone Receives IMDb’s Breakout Starmeter Award & Answers Fan Questions

{ Written by Sarah on June 08 2022 }

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