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Vogue Arabia – Bridgerton Star Simone Ashley Shares Her Stress-Less Beauty Philosophy

The breakout star of Netflix’s second outing of its period drama Bridgeton, actress Simone Ashley won hearts with her portrayal of the spirited and independent Kate Sharma. While the third season of the bodice-ripper romance series has not yet been announced, fans of the 28 year old English actress have since been able to catch her in the live action feature film The Little Mermaid. A daughter to first generation Indian Tamil immigrants, Ashley says she’s proud to represent Indian women both in Hollywood, and as a beauty ambassador for La Mer. Read on to discover Ashley’s skincare must-haves and her fun approach to maximalist makeup.

VOGUE Arabia: Describe your beauty philosophy – what’s your approach to looking and feeling good?
Simone Ashley: My approach to looking and feeling good starts from within. If it’s possible and in a perfect world, a good night’s sleep, plenty of hydration and some time to relax into a step-by-step skin care routine is my way to go. But in reality, most of the time when I’m working, I don’t get the best sleep and I am rushed to get out the door. Going with the flow and spending time on my skin is the best I can do; I try not to get too caught up in it. The less stressed I am, the better my skin is.

Talk us through your daily skincare routine:
I like to gently wash my face with my La Mer Foam Cleanser, I use my exfoliating gloves to gently buff away any dirt or flaky dead skin. I then like to do my La Mer regimen which includes the Treatment Lotion, The Concentrate, and finally the Moisturizing Soft Cream. When my skin is bouncy and moisturized, I feel my best self.

What’s your most recent beauty purchase?
My Moisturizing Soft Cream from La Mer, and some eye lash curlers! I never used to use them before, but lately I have joined the club.

Are you a makeup maximalist or minimalist?
Makeup is a way to express yourself, so if I’m feeling loud and colorful I love doing a really dramatic eye or fun lip. Most of the time I like to keep my make up minimal, fresh skin, defined eyes and I love a natural pinky red on my lips to make me look sun-kissed and warm. Sometimes I like to put a bit of a bronze color on my eyelids. Dark skin looks so beautiful when the sun is bouncing off it, and catches a bit of glitter or shimmer.

Do you have a signature scent or do you like to switch up your fragrance?
I have way too many perfumes – I love how pretty the bottles look, and all the colors and designs. So I tend to experiment, but my favorite is a perfume called Ralli by Nakuna Helsinki. It’s my go to.

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?
To stop touching my eyebrows, to just leave them alone and stop plucking them!

Do you have a go-to for a serotonin boost?
I love to swim. If I can, going for an early morning swim makes me feel so calm and happy. Whenever I’m in the water I feel that way.

How do you deal with stress?
If you have the time and can justify the spend to see a therapist, I would highly recommend practicing that. Learning how to communicate and understand your feelings and how to relate to the people around you and in your life can be really helpful. If the heart is a tank and you want to give something out, you can’t if you’re running on empty. Going to therapy and taking care of myself is my way of filling up my tank, so I can show up for the people around me too.

What’s been your happiest moment so far this year?
It’s hard to specify one moment that has made me feel happiness this year, I’d like to think there is something every day that brings me joy. I think happiness is a choice and a discipline.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
To stay focused on my work and not let any of the noise interrupt that.

Do you feel any pressure to represent South Asian women?
I think initially I felt a pressure, but now I feel even more proud and excited to represent young women who look like me. I believe in myself, so I hope, I know, other women do too.

Author: Michaela Sommerville
Published on Oct 25, 2023