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A Very Stable Relationship
From the moment Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) and Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) meet, sparks fly. “She’s outside of the rules,” Bailey says. “She’s got a lot to work out, and that’s intriguing to him. She’s literally outside of society, and she deliberately puts herself there. He’s probably never seen a woman ride astride before. In series 1, you see him riding with Daphne and the poise and elegance she holds, and [Kate] just comes through and blows that out of the water.”

Woman’s Best Friend
There’s plenty of hunky heroes and gorgeous girls in the cast of Bridgerton, but in season 2, they’re likely to be outshined by the handsomest of them all — Newton, Kate Sharma’s pet corgi. “He was a little bit sass and went off and did his own thing,” Simone Ashley says of her fluffy scene partner. “But I like to think that when we were together, he listened to me. It was always a good day for me when he was on set.” Even if he did have a penchant for eating gravel in between takes.

Never Were There Such Devoted Sisters
The Bridgerton siblings are close, but the Sharma sisters might just be closer. “The show is about family and all the different types of love that you have,” says Charitha Chandran, who portrays Edwina. “For Edwina and Kate, although it is a love story, they are each other’s soulmates. We often try to focus on romance being the center of our love, but in most cases it’s not. This relationship shows that. These two will always choose each other.”

Written by Maureen Lee Lenker
Published February 3, 2022