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Glamour Spain: The Character We’ve All Been Eagerly Awaiting for Bridgerton Season 2

The series returns to Netflix with Kate Sharma, a role played by Simone Ashley. Do you know who she is?

The new season of the Bridgerton premieres on Netflix on March 25 and it’s already giving us something. The series that overflows with elegance, gossip, love and a lot of glamor and that had us all hooked until the last moment with Lady Whistledown’s comments is here to captivate us again. The difference with the first season is that, this time, it will not be the Duke of Hastings who steals our hearts, but an independent and stylish young woman, Kate Sharma, a character played by Simone Ashley, with whom we have had the pleasure of talk about everything new that comes with this second season that aims to be another HIT.

Who is Simone Ashley?
Artist and actress in equal parts, as well as a nice and very charismatic woman. Simone began studying at the ArtsEd School in London , her career rose to appear playing Olivia in the Netflix series Sex Education , however, it is now when she lands in 18th century London to bring Kate to life , a totally different character with respect to the one who interpreted as Olivia.

How is the character of Kate Sharma?
Simone reveals that the character of Kate is incredible “a woman with great mental strength, she is a fighter, incredibly intelligent, she really knows what her priorities are, she is different. What’s more, she confesses that she would love to be Kate in real life! “She is one of the characters that I have liked to play the most, I have felt very lucky”. And it is that there is not only a high probability that she will dazzle Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, but she herself assures that Kate will be very well received by the spectators. In addition, we have been able to verify that despite the ins and outs of the plot, the new episodes are loaded with high doses of romance, which, of course, we love. In fact, Simone confesses that she also belongs to the romantic team.

What’s behind the scenes?
Behind the cameras Simone affirms that she has had many funny moments with her co-star “Jonathan Bailey is a very funny boy, I have spent a lot of time with him… he is a gentlemanly and attentive man” Without a doubt, professionalism characterizes these actors and actresses who, according to Simone, have a relationship of great camaraderie.

Where does so much inspiration come from?
“Many people inspire me, artists I see like Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zendaya…” In addition to colleagues who have been part of his professional career, as well as all those people who have contributed and taught him something “my fans give me strength”.

And about fashion?
“There are many fashion designers that I like, I love Valentino, Prada…” The high society of Regency London is characterized by elegance in fashion, materialized in column-shaped dresses with exuberant fabrics. Simone reveals that the design and tailoring work that goes into staging the suits and dresses is incredible for bringing color to the forefront. “I am very lucky, I have worn beautiful designs, I am very grateful” (The truth is that we are also living with the designs of the series).

And what about Simone Ashley’s closet in real life?
“My favorite trend is casual, as well as military boots or cowboy style.” Also, she loves suits! “When I go to a dinner I always wear heels with a suit”. It is clear to us that, in general, her wardrobe cannot be without minidresses for the evening, denim jackets for the day, neutral tones and more casual garments for the day “90 percent of the time I wear sweaters… comfort always.”

What are your fashion projects?
Last summer Simone became the female face of Loewe’s Paula’s Ibiza fragrance . She confesses that her stylist is pure inspiration for her “she educated me in many more internal aspects such as loving herself more, trusting…” and we totally agree with her that fashion is also an attitude. She reveals a little secret to us: she will soon have an event to promote the series, so we will be very attentive so as not to miss a single detail!

Kate Sharma will be presented in society on March 25 on Netflix ; but the real question is; who will be the new diamond of the season?

Written by Maria Cano Hidalgo
Translated via Google
Published February 23, 2022