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Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley are opening up about how they made each other feel safe during their “Bridgerton” sex scenes.

Spoilers ahead!

In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, the actors divulged what it was like being intimate on screen for the highly anticipated second season of the Netflix hit show.

“We got to work with an amazing intimacy coordinator who was really passionate about portraying female pleasure and normalizing it and not making it so taboo, and I was really happy to be a part of that,” Simone said.

Jonathan previously revealed that he wanted his new co-star to feel safe as he stepped back into the role of Anthony Bridgerton, who is now the focus of the Emmy-nominated drama series, and said she extended the same respect.

“Simone made me feel safe as well,” Jonathan told Access.

Scandal, duty, and desire plague the Viscount when Anthony falls for his intended bride’s headstrong big sister, Kate Sharma, played by Simone.

“To perform it together was amazing,” Jonathan said of working with Simone during the pair’s heated love scenes.

She agreed, explaining that their strong partnership helped her feel comfortable.

“We always have had each other’s backs, I think, throughout this whole journey, that whole shoot. I think it was stating the obvious that we always communicated with another. It’s just, ‘yes of course,’ like that’s the kind of working relationship we have. I don’t think it was ever going to be any other way…checking in on one another, having open communication, because we were so enthusiastic to bring this love story to life and to make it as wonderful and epic as we feel about it and I think that starts from a place of a partnership,” she revealed.

Jonathan echoed that sentiment.

“There’s sort of a special power that we managed to hold between us that we kept private, yeah it was great,” he added.

Published March 25, 2022