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Hello, everyone! As you may know, Bridgerton released a calendar for 2023 and in it were two additional stills from the last episode of the season. Jonathan Bailey Daily very kindly sent us scans of these two stills. They’re now in our gallery – ENJOY!

Hi, everyone! Today on twitter user @OfBeesAndTulips posted screencaps and a link to a clip from a webseries pilot that Simone filmed in 2017 for StyleHaul. I did a bit more research on that company, and unfortunately, it appears to be defunct as of 2019 when a former executive of the company pleaded guilty to embezzlement of $22 million. The video itself was posted in 2020, and it appears StyleHaul still owns the rights so it is uncertain whether more will be posted or not.

From the clip released, we have posted screencaps along with two production stills we found floating the web. Enjoy!

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to announce that I have revamped the social media section in the gallery. I have now sectioned the photos (to the best of my ability) by year. Enjoy!