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Simone Gives Toast at the Time100 Next Gala

{ Written by Sarah on October 26 2022 }

Tonight has been an incredible experience for me. I have always been very ambitious, and much like every person in this room, I have always been a dreamer.
Since I was a little girl I knew what I wanted to do with my life—I wanted to use my voice to connect with people and to perform, to create art. I grew up watching movies all the time, a whole variety, I loved musicals, I loved singing, so I was very drawn to classic Disney movies and ones by Pixar. This continued when I was a teenager. And I remember watching a short film from the 1970s that had a quote by a motivational speaker called Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I came to learn this quote was inspired by Albert Einstein. And this quote inspired me to continue chasing my dreams, and it helped me understand when I meet my dreams, how to face the fear and excitement and the vulnerability that comes with them.

The quote is:
Fear of the unknown.
They are afraid of new ideas.
They are loaded with prejudices,
not based upon anything in reality, but based upon…
If something is new, I reject it immediately because it’s frightening to me.
What they do instead is just stay with the familiar.
You know, to me, the most beautiful things in all of the universe are the most mysterious.

So I’d like to raise a toast, to not only chasing our dreams, running after them bravely, but to continuing to run with them, to staying loyal to our dreams, because we don’t have to be familiar. We can be ourselves, we can be the change no matter what we look like, where we come from, the color of our skin, what our journey might look like. We can celebrate the new or perhaps we can celebrate what was already there and never got the chance to be seen. And we can celebrate the next. Cheers.

Simone Attends the Time100 Next Gala Celebrating Rising Stars

{ Written by Sarah on October 26 2022 }

Simone Attends the Valentino Show & Dinner at Paris Fashion Week

{ Written by Sarah on October 03 2022 }

Simone Attends the Burberry Show in London

{ Written by Sarah on September 28 2022 }

Dream It Con Roundup

{ Written by Sarah on September 28 2022 }

Hey, everyone! As you may know on September 17th, Simone attended her first convention! By all accounts, it seems to have went very well. Hopefully, we see her do more conventions in the future.

Simone Attends the ‘Bones And All’ Premiere at the Venice Film Festival

{ Written by Sarah on September 03 2022 }

Simone Attends the World Premiere of Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’

{ Written by Sarah on July 14 2022 }

Simone Attends the Polo Ralph Lauren & British Vogue Event at Wimbledon

{ Written by Sarah on July 03 2022 }

Simone Attends Netflix’s Bridgerton FYSEE Event

{ Written by Sarah on May 16 2022 }

Simone Attends the Bridgerton Dinner Celebrating South Asian Culture

{ Written by Sarah on March 30 2022 }

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